01 Messages from the Chairman

Presidente de CAP

Juan Enrique Rassmuss,
CAP Chairman

“We are contributing to achieving the Chile we all want by means of the creation of shared value and innovative projects that mitigate environmental impact, encourage the use of clean energies, and bolster access to housing and the progress of the communities we engage with.”

CAP's mission is
to promote Chile, not only
to become exporters,
but in order to
become a solutions
manufacturing hub
at a global level.

In 2023, we ranked third
worldwide in our sector in the
prestigious Dow Jones
Sustainability Index,
our best position yet

“We are aligning all of CAP Group's endeavors with our sustainable growth strategy, including investment decisions, capital allotment, human capital development and the promotion of new businesses and projects, creating a portfolio that leverages horizontal and vertical opportunities.”

Messages from
the CEO

Presidente de CAP

Nicolás Burr García de la Huerta,

Our route map towards 2030 considers the rise in production and margins in the high-grade iron ore mining business, together with the development of steel solutions in the construction of industrial housing.

“At CAP, we promote innovation in our current operations while developing new business lines that will allow us to widen the group's integrated portfolio in order to achieve our medium-term strategic goals”

“We want to continue to be strategic partners for mining and other industries through the future production of green steel in our pilot plant, with the implementation of innovative technologies for the direct reduction of the mineral”

We are delighted to announce our recent alliance with Aclara Resources, formalizing CAP's incorporation in the rare earths market, which is a key milestone for our company's operations.

Results, Milestones
and Awards in 2023

The globally renowned Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) ranked CAP Group as the third most sustainable company in the world in the Steel sector in 2023.

Alliance with the Chilean Association of Municipalities (ACHM) to broadcast mental health content from the program Sana Mente - co-produced by CAP, CNN Chile and Rassmuss Foundations - in local medical centers throughout the country.

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Iron production by Compañía Minera del Pacífico (CMP) closed 2023 with a record of over 17 million tons.

CMP commissioned its In-Land Filtered Tailings Deposit, with a technology that is considered pioneering even outside of Chile.

Cintac Group advanced in its strategy of developing industrialized solutions and sustainable materials to address the housing deficit in Chile and Peru.

The Promet Plant (Cintac Group) was certified as "Industrializing Enterprise" by the Housing and Urban Planning Ministry to develop social housing.

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Puerto Las Losas received the 2023 Tucapel González García award for Workplace Safety and Health Management, bestowed by the Social Security Superintendence.