This is the tenth consecutive Sustainability Report issued by CAP since 2008. It summarizes the economic, social and environmental performance achieved by the company during the period between January 1 and December 31, 2017.

This report was prepared in line with GRI essential option standards. It contains inputs provided by the different company areas and, in some cases, it even provides information from earlier periods with the purpose of shedding light on corporate management.

This information was gathered by applying standard measurement techniques most of which were also used in the previous memories.

Just as in past years, the information contained in this Sustainability Report has been verified by specialized external consultants, for the second year in a row.

For further details on CAP sustainable management, visit www.cap.cl.

In case of questions or suggestions on the contents, stakeholders can contact Margarita Lackington, Head of Sustainability, at mlackington@cap.cl or +56 22 818 6206.

Designed and developed by C-Proyecta: www.cproyecta.cl


With the purpose of reflecting its performance in a balanced and reasonable way through this sustainability report, CAP Group has applied the following GRI standards to the definition and treatment of the information contained in it:

  1. Principles for the elaboration of sustainable memories:
    • Stakeholder engagement: A través de diversos canales, como encuestas, instancias de diálogo directo e informes de entidades especializadas, CAP recogió las expectativas de información de su principales stakeholders.

    • Sustainability context: The information contained in this document addresses both the demands and requirements from the company’s social, environmental and economic areas, at local and global level.

    • Materiality: This report deals only with the relevant issues that emerged from the materiality process developed by the company.

    • Completeness: The material contained in this report was prepared by the company’s specialized areas and the top executives responsible of each affiliate, in order to ensure that only accurate and substantiated information would be included in the memory.

  2. Principles to guarantee report quality:
    • Accuracy: The relevant issues are disclosed with the accuracy required by the stakeholders to adequately assess the company’s performance.

    • Balance: The document contains the achievements, challenges and gaps identified in the organization.

    • Clarity: Contents are presented in a clear and understandable way, accompanied by sufficient additional explanations when the complexity of issues so warrants.

    • Comparability: Management indicators and data for the year being reported are complemented with material from earlier years in order to provide a global panorama of corporate performance.

    • Reliability: All information contained in this memory has been verified by specialized external consultants.

    • Timeliness: CAP Group issues its sustainability report on an uninterrupted annual basis since 2008.